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Secondary Window Glazing is a special type of glazing construction where an additional pane of glass is added to the inside of an existing single-glazed window.


Secondary glazing is often used for SOUND INSULATION – especially if your existing windows don't need replacing or where there are planning restrictions on replacement windows.


Secondary Glazing provides better sound reduction as well as heat insulation than standard single-glazed windows and many would consider it essential for  houses close to busy roads or other high noise generating


When considering windows there are generally three options available for maximum achievable sound attenuation (reduction):


  •    Laminated glass (normally with a interlayer of Polyvinyl butyral),

  •    A wider airspace between the panes of glass,

  •    Different thickness panes of glass within the Insulating Glass Unit (or IGU)

  •    Or a combination of all three.



Designed by SD Glazing, our Secondary Glazing is designed to blend with your existing windows and decor. Our secondary glazing is an aluminium system - ideal as the strength of the aluminium means that you can have maximum glass area and minimal metal showing. We are also able to spray the metal any 1 of approx 200 colours if necessary.


We can put many types of glass into your secondary glazing. As standard we use 4mm "float" glass, but toughened (breaks into small pieces) and laminated glass (like your car windscreen) all work very well. If you are trying to reduce noise then we recommend laminated or specialist "Stadip" glass. If you wish to improve heat loss then we may recommend using a "low-e" glass - but the expense isn't always necessary as every customer has unique circumstances.

Secondary Windows

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